Written evidence submitted by the Association for Education Welfare Management



Association for Education Welfare Management


Association’s Response to UK Parliament Consultation https://committees.parliament.uk/work/620/home-education/

The AEWM has been at the forefront of wanting the various governments to strengthen legislation on Elective Home Education (EHE). We welcomed Graham Badmans recommendations in 2009 and support the Association of Directors of Children Services (ADCS) annual consultations on EHE. We also work closely with the Association of Elective Home Education Professionals (AEHEP) who have tried hard to raise this issue.

The ADCS had some 118 LA responses to its last consultation. This leaves 30 plus LAs where EHE is unknown to the wider professionals. The AEWM & AEHEP do not have representation in all LAs but try hard to do so and are perhaps the best professional groups placed to monitor EHE in LAs.

  1. The duties of local authorities with regards to home education, including safeguarding and assuring the quality of home education.


  1. Whether a statutory register of home-educated children is required.


  1. The benefits children gain from home education, and the potential disadvantages they may face.


  1. The quality and accessibility of support (including financial support) available for home educators and their children, including those with special educational needs, disabilities, mental health issues, or caring responsibilities, and those making the transition to further and higher education.


  1. Whether the current regulatory framework is sufficient to ensure that the wellbeing and academic achievement of home educated children is safeguarded, including where they may attend unregistered schools, have been formally excluded from school, or have been subject to ‘off-rolling’.


  1. The role that inspection should play in future regulation of home education.


  1. What improvements have been made to support home educators since the 2010-15 Education Committee published their report on ‘Support for Home Education’ in 2012.


  1. The impact COVID-19 has had on home educated children, and what additional measures might need to be taken in order to mitigate any negative impacts.’


The AEWM and its members remain committed to keeping the needs outlined above at the forefront of education so more deaths can be avoided. One more death is one too many.


Tony Waller

Vice President – AEWM

October 2020