Written evidence from Brenda Prentice (PHS 09)


Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Scrutiny 2019-20 inquiry



I said in my witness submission of last year, I wonder why I have wasted my time bringing anything to PACAC over the last 9 to 10 years as nothing changes.

My statement is as last year, PHSO is not an organisation which give the public value for the tax-payers money spent on it.

  1. I have read the three statements so far published on your website and find they have said it all. I cannot do better than to concur with all that has been said. I could not express matters better. They speak the truth.
  2. As I said last year, I am still waiting for action on my son’s case, now made historic, whatever that means. Are you able to find out?
  3. PHSO is a failing organisation. It told me my son’s death was avoidable but it has not done anything about it, no lessons learnt.

Well, actually the lesson for NHS is; offload pesky complainants on to PHSO, they won’t do anything apart from dismiss them. The uphold rate is so small as to be worthless. NHS will take the chance to ignore the truth

What is the point of bringing complaints to PHSO when they behave as describe in other statements.

  1. It is no wonder there is an all-time high in legal negligence cases. There is no other way to bring Authorities to see the reality of what they have done. We are all human and make mistakes, its how they are dealt with that is important. To continue the 3 D’s, Delay Deny Defend, is indefensible and must stop.
  2. For all the reason already indicated over the years, we have been asking for the demise of PHSO. PACAC just ignores this evidence. It’s time PACAC used its power and bring this agony to an end, save the money for something more worthwhile.  This has been described in other witness statements.

Is PACAC prepared to act?

'I shall resist the urge to lose my temper because these exchanges deserve a greater elevation of tone, but I say this - the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again in the hope it'll turn good. William Wragg, MP


October 2020