Written evidence submitted by Mr Peter Manwell

23rd Oct 2020



Dears Sirs / Madames,

I am writing to request the UK government to support families electing to teach their children at home rather than in a school setting. I have children aged 11, 9 and 6. They have been taught in schools in UK and Uganda. However because of our decision to travel and our wish for our children to be taught values in line with our beliefs we home educate.

Our experience is that our children learn a great amount which as parents missed passing through UK schools. The course they follow teaches Maths, English (including grammar) to a high standard. I have personally taken interest in the history of the British isles that they've learnt.

We have sought for them to interact with other children in both UK and Uganda where we volunteer. Our children are friendly and sociable.

I would ask the government to adopt the least intrusive measures possible in ensuring good education of home schooled children. Rather than extreme cases let the achievements of dedicated parents, especially mothers, who home school be well researched and validated.


Thanks for your understanding,

Peter Manwell

October 2020