Further written evidence from Dr Alex May (COD0005)

[This document has been redacted to remove references or links to personal data.]

  1. This written evidence is in addition to that dated 22 September 2020.
  2. Here I call attention to two issues.
  3. First, a problematic inconsistency between the Code of Conduct and the House of Lords Code of Conduct.
  4. […]
  5. The MP discloses on the register of MPs' financial interests the landowner pays him for “consultancy services”.
  6. “Consultancy services” is unsatisfactorily opaque. Nevertheless the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards told me it was happy with the disclosure.
  7. By contrast, I refer to the Guide to the House of Lords Code of Conduct, para 58: “Members who have paid posts as consultants or advisers should indicate the nature of the consultancy or advice given, for example 'management consultant', 'legal adviser' or 'public affairs consultant'…”
  8. The MP's “consultancy services” tells us nothing. What's the nature of the consultancy?
  9. Moving onto the second issue
  10. […]
  11. MPs’ staff must register “any occupation or employment for which you receive over £410 from the same source in the course of a calendar year, IF THAT OCCUPATION OR EMPLOYMENT IS IN ANY WAY ADVANTAGED BY THE PRIVILEGED ACCESS TO PARLIAMENT AFFORDED BY YOUR PASS [my emphasis].”
  12. Thus there's an urgent need for clarity on a key rule that governs the register of MPs' staff.

19 October 2020