Written evidence from Simon Ball (COD0003)


I reckon our politicians – esp the conservatives need to be taught a lesson in manners, cos whilst they claim extra expenses and also get a wage rise every year, we get:



outsourcing via stealth

677,000 diversity to compete with in a already flooded jobs market

700+ dole closures

the sole responsible owner of Universal Credit gets a cbe for killing well over a 100,000 vulnerable people, whilst he gets £150,000 a year. UniversalCredit needs to be scrapped.


Why do they concentrate so heavily on the diversity whilst letting uk residents sit in poverty?


We’re lucky to get our streets swept, weeds are everywhere, potholes too...doesn’t matter how many times you log incidents on their helpdesk/website they are still there months later..


We get politicians from liblabcon that refuse to take us seriously – and ignore our issues whilst doing everything in their power to help the diversity.


And now to cap it all our Prime Minister Boris Johnson only has one means of attack on coronavirus because he is just protecting the rich businessmen his party want to cultivate – so we get herd immunity so he can do that.

Test and trace is a farce under dido harding and serco/sitel


I note Government debt is exponential, and this was before coronavirus – so they’ve all lied about that as well..


Will never bother to visit a polling booth again, this is one electorate that is thoroughly sick of the three main parties and all the small ones loitering with intent but never able to change anything…


15 October 2020