Written evidence submitted by Hawthorn Press, Oakbrook Community Farm, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Home Education Submission to the Education Select Committee from Martin Large, Ba, MSc, PGCE, chair of Oakbrook Community Farm which hosts parent and child groups, community groups and home education groups for creative nature based play and  learning. Publisher as Hawthorn Press of Free Range Education (2002) and The Case for Home Schooling: Free Range Education Handbook (2020) I am also a former senior lecturer at Cheltenham and Gloucestershire college of Higher Education in behavioural science and educational management.

Why bother?

The right to home education, or  education otherwise, is a crucially important and distinctive British human right.

However, this does not mean we do not need to learn from researching best UK home learning practice and researching other educational exemplar countries like Finland, with their right to home learning.


I was home educated from ages 7 to 10 in the 1950’s because of a bullying village school teacher-and then passed the 11 plus.  It's a vital choice for parents and children.

I am keen for home education during and after Covid to be well supported by the Education Committee from a sound research foundation. As you can’t do public policy without data I propose that you please consider these recommendations:


Dusseau, A., The Case for Home Schooling: Free Range Home Education Handbook (2020)

Dowty, T., Free Range Education  Handbook (2002)

October 2020