Written evidence submitted by a member of the public


I am writing as the mother of a Home Educated child whose [personal information] since we undertook to provide her education at home. We have been able to tailor a curriculum working towards a career path of her choice whilst also offering a broader education inclusive of subjects of interest to her in a way that school has not.

We have chosen a combination of IGCSE online courses alongside open spaces on her timetable where we can respond to her organic interests and where we can respond and adapt in a way that school cannot.


As a studious, quiet child, this method works very well for us. She has been able to work at her own pace and avoid disruptions in the classroom due to other students’ behaviour that was a strong feature of her school career.


I am able to become more involved in her schooling both through direct teaching and also by sitting in on the lessons we have accessed online. This has formed the basis of many discussions, excursions and have in turn expanded my daughter’s learning potential.


My daughter was [personal information]. Over time this had a considerable impact on [personal information]. A combination of avoiding the artificial environment of a school where several hundreds of young people are left to navigate social encounters and conflicts throughout the day, and the feeling that she is performing well at her academic subjects has boosted her confidence and she is much happier.


My daughter’s exercise needs are met by undertaking a series of dance classes including a GCSE in dance and by regular walks. We will resume sports clubs when the Covid restrictions are lifted. Her social needs are met by meeting with other home educated children and also by having autonomy over her social interactions and boundaries.


I consider Home Education to be an important feature in the spectrum of educational offerings. Whilst it may not suit every child, it is invaluable to many people seeking diverse and individualised education and maintaining independence and autonomy for families as is their human right.


October 2020