Supplementary evidence from Marc Palmer (ELV0127)


September 6 - Session 1, Panel 1: Marc Palmer, AutoTrader

Could you expand on the meaning of ‘getting the second-hand market to work’ for EVs. Is that around reducing the cost of second-hand cars, increasing the availability of second-hand cars, or addressing barriers to people’s trust in second hand vehicles?


Could you reflect further on whether the current drop in used EV prices is a positive or a negative development in your view? Would you (Auto Trader) like to see a reduction in the differential between new and second hand EVs or not?


On the subject of European EV targets. Are there benefits to the UK aligning with Europe’s more flexible targets? Does it cause any problems with the UK going early or is sticking to any targets set more important?  

Consumers unsure about the switch have more reason to put it off, keeping more petrol and diesel cars on the road for longer. Ironically, pushing the date back also means that there will be fewer used electric cars available to buy in the coming years, so those families the Government has sought to protect from expense will now have less access to affordable, green motoring and the benefits of the fuel savings that electric cars can provide.