Written evidence submitted by Ms Sneta Kumari and Michael Ballard (COD0002) [This document has been redacted to remove references or links to personal data.]


“The Code of Conduct for members of Parliament is meant to be clearly designed to assist members in the discharge of their duties to Parliament, their constituents and the general public” and “Ministerial Code, which is the Prime Ministers guidance to his Ministers on the standards of behaviours expected from them and how they should discharge their duties”

I have been trying to find answers into the way my MP should be addressing issues bought forward by constituents and public, also the standards of conduct to be expected. When I managed to see a copy, I was very disappointed that it lacks clarity for the general public or constituents as to what happens if these codes are not adhered to.

1, What Values, attitudes and behaviours should the code of conduct for MPs seek to encourage or discourage?

Attitudes also arise from values and behaviours, so therefore making sure that MPs are effectively monitored, would encourage positive behaviours on how they are dealing with constituency and public matters. It could also help define what values and behaviours were used to make decisions in the best public interest. This in return would also encourage MPs to reflect on their own values attitudes and behaviours. 

I personally have come across discrimination from my MP, after finally being able to have a meeting with her I pointed out “I have family all over England and they haven’t the same issues in their areas” The MP mumbled with her head down, in between my statement “I suppose you do”.

Which makes me believe if Leadership shows Discrimination on one level, how do you prove to that MP discrimination has been allowed to bread amongst services that are led by Government? Especially as there is no clear guidance on Discrimination.

There is a lack of clarity as to how MPs should interact with the rules of conduct.

The purpose of the code should be made clear that it is also intended to inform the public including those who wish to put forward complaints about MPs

The code does not inspire confidence from a majority of our community (meaning local people, businesses and religious community)

The code of conduct and Rules should be easily accessible




There should be new rules

If these codes where adhered to and put into practice in my family’s case, the community and leaders of the community would not have been asking the MP why is all this being allowed to happen in just our constituency as we have communities everywhere that do not have the same issues with the services.

Our community were expecting an MP to be able to show true Leadership through the use of the seven principles of public life. But there was no sign of clear leadership, if anything a lack of Knowledge and willingness to help. Which shows after three years of asking the MP for assistance with the local Authorities nothing was ever followed up, there were no time frames and Human Rights, Equality Acts were allowed to be breached by each authority and our MP answer seems to be “I cant make any body do anything just advise” but not being able to stop the cycle or help to take matters further.

We were also told by our MP that” Ministers don’t usually deal with individual issues” after requesting that the matters be dealt with outside the local area, due to Discrimination amongst services which was truly visible and had been experienced through misconduct by the Police and Local Council. But after looking into the Ministerial code (6.9 Ministers in the commons that are asked by members of the public to submit cases to Parliamentary Commissioner for administration should act no different from other MPs in deciding whether to refer complaints to commons on the merits of the individual case” Which makes us believe that either there is a lack of understanding or the MP did not want to bring the matter to  attention of Ministers.

Our particular MP has failed to show Leadership, Accountability, Objectivty, Integrity, Selflessness, Honesty, openness.

I have added our families personal experience for everyone to judge for themselves how the Code Of Conduct Or The Ministerial code should have been put into practice by our MP.

What happened


30 September 2020