Written evidence from Healthwatch Liverpool [RH0002]


About us

Healthwatch Liverpool is the independent champion for people who use health and social care services in Liverpool. We’re here to make sure that those running services put people at the heart of care. One of our main purposes is to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of patients and service users and to speak out on their behalf. As part of a national network made up of local Healthwatch organisations in every local authority area of England (and Healthwatch England, the national body) our work contributes to a nationwide perspective on health and social care services.  


Our evidence

Healthwatch Liverpool wants to share some of the experiences that women have reported to us since 2019 about barriers and difficulties they have experienced with gynaecological and reproductive health and the impact that this has had on their lives and wellbeing. Their experiences show how delays or inadequacies in care for these conditions can devastate people’s lives leading to them living in intense daily pain with no end in sight. While they wait for care years of their lives can pass them by losing opportunities for work, social and family lives and impacting on mental as well as physical health. 


The themes from their experiences are detailed below as are some anonymised examples. 





















We thank you for bringing your attention to this subject which has often been hidden from view leaving those patient affected feeling lost and forgotten.


August 2023