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Written evidence submitted by MG ALBA



Pre-legislative scrutiny of draft Media Bill: Follow up to evidence session of 20 June, Gaelic media

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for giving MG ALBA the opportunity to give evidence to your committee. I hope we conveyed how important it is for Gaelic media to be included in the draft Media Bill.

As explained at the meeting, statutory recognition would be a powerful enabler for the Gaelic language. In particular, the inclusion of the Gaelic service in the list of PSBs would be a step towards providing parity of esteem with S4C.

In brief we propose that the Media Bill should include:

Those two interventions are not technical in nature. They would not require detailed tracts of legislation.

Our request, if granted, will result in Parliament granting parity of esteem to Gaelic broadcasting without incurring a major investment of resources.  It sets aside a space for Gaelic broadcasting and clears the way towards a sustainable future. As I stated to the committee, this is essential if Gaelic media is to survive and thrive in the digital domain.

MG ALBA would like to extend an invitation to you and the committee to visit our headquarters in Stornoway where you will experience the important work we do, as well as gain a wider understanding of its impact on the communities we serve.

Le gach deagh dhùrachd





John Morrison

Chair, MG ALBA