Written evidence submitted by Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire, Home Office (POP0102)


1. Thank you for your letter of 5 May regarding my appearance at the Home Affairs Committee on 25 April.

2. I trust you have received my letter of 4 May, which has answered your queries regarding Non-Crime Hate Incidents and the Right Care Right Person approach currently being used in Humberside Police. On that basis, I am writing to you regarding the figures upon which the calculation of 443,000 hours is based.

3. The Policing Productivity Review team has led on establishing estimates for the potential savings of officer time derived from recommendations within the Review, and my evidence was based on those estimates. I understand you have separately written to the NPCC regarding their methodology for determining the estimated 443,000 hours of police officer time which could be saved by changes to the Home Office counting rules, and to ask for their estimate on the number of hours which could be save by national adoption of the “Right Care, Right Person” model. I am sure the NPCC will be able to direct this to the Review team as needed for them to respond to clarify this methodology and provide their requested estimate.

4. My officials are working with the Review team to develop their assessment of the productivity improvements the police may gain as a result of the Review’s recommendations. That work, and the addition of further data, will inform the final report to be provided to the Home Secretary at the conclusion of the Review in September.

5. We also discussed the Police Performance Oversight Group process during the session. To make a correction, these minutes are not published; this is to facilitate full and frank discussion in the sessions. HMICFRS’s PEEL inspection of the MPS is due to be published next year.


June 2023