Written evidence submitted by Cornwall Council



Cornwall Council Response to Draft Media Bill

16 May 2023

Cornwall Council supports the inclusion of the Cornish language as a recognised minority language under Part 1 of the draft Media Bill.  Cornish was recognised by the UK Government under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages in 2002 and the Council of Europe in its regular monitoring reports has highlighted the lack of media provision for Cornish as a key barrier for protection and use of the language.


Cornish is one of the six living Celtic languages and use in digital media enables greater community use and also supports language learning. Cornwall Council has worked with Screen Cornwall and Falmouth University to develop FylmK, and this an annual open competition short film commission has attracted a range of writers and film-makers, demonstrating the appetite to create new content in Kernewek.  Some of these films are now available on the BBC I-Player, the first time that Cornish has been featured on a national platform and helping to make the language more accessible and familiar.  


Cornish is a critically endangered language which is threatened by neglect.  Citing Cornish in the Media Bill as a recognised minority language is important in creating a more positive environment for greater use of Kernewek in digital media.