Written evidence from anonymised CLP0032


I have received so far, 3 cost of living payments. Governments absolutely dimwitted and short sighted view into the impact of the Cost Of Living Payments has been nothing shy of offensive. With the way universal credit assessment periods work, you can have a zero award in may, for a payment received at the end of March, meaning anyone who loses employment can be left 2-3 months without any support from government. Where this falls apart with the C.O.L.P is that many families, myself and my partner included, have been penalized by zero awards when we can barely afford life as it is, on top of that, the C.O.L.P is offensively low, it should be three payments of 991 spread over 12 months, to do anything to protect people from the abysmal economy we’ve been left in. Now, how does government fix this problem? Maybe ask the King and Prime Minister if they can do what leaders do and lose a bit of their ever expanding fortunes to support the people who allow them to expand that wealth.


May 2023