Written evidence from anonymised CLP0012



I never qualified for the Cost of Living support.  I work FULL TIME!  I am [sensitive information removed].  I have worked since I left school, claimed JSA for about six weeks after getting made redundant in 1997, but quickly found employment again.  My yearly income is £18,000, however, miss out on “UC top ups” because I earn over £16,000.  I am single, living in a one bedroom tenement flat through private rental, which will unfortunately be coming to an end in the next six months or so due to landlord thinking about selling up due to the interest rates continuing to rise!!


Very hard to get a house with Housing Associations because I don’t have medical issues, I don’t have young children, so where am I meant to go?  Below I quote from my local housing association information sheet:-



There are certain circumstances where an application may be suspended for a period of 6 months. Some summarised examples are listed below:-


Yes, I am being evicted but through no fault of my own whatsoever.  How can I be discriminated against for something that is entirely out of my hands?  The government surely can put a stop to allow these outrageous rises in everything from interest rates, inflation, gas, eclectric, food etc etc.


I have looked into Affordable Housing which is meant to be for low earners, apparently I don’t earn enough for that!  Stuck between a rock and a hard place!!  Earn too much to apply for UC or cost of living yet too little for affordable housing for low earners.  So  single people earning between £16,000 and £20,000 (the minimum earning threshold for “Affordable” housing get NO help!!


I have bills the same as everyone else - rent, council tax (£105, that’s with the 25% single person discount for a one bedroom flat!!), gas, electric, TV licence, food, clothing etc which I take it you are aware are ALL rising, yet I do not qualify for ANY benefits or help.  There are people, one of who I know personally who is 22/23 years of age who has a two year old son, she has an on off partner, claims housing benefit for a rented property which she doesn’t live in because she lives in the flat (again housing benefit paid for) which her boyfriend rents.  Both don’t work, yet they get the claim per person each and get everything that is going.  There is nothing medically wrong with either of them, their child has just started nursery but hey why work when they get everything handed to them by the government. 


Single people are the worst off, get no help whatsoever, something needs done!!



May 2023