Written evidence from Crighton Chambers

Log of Court listings in last couple of weeks


15.08.20              Southend – Special Reasons could not be heard because no prosecutor despite court being notified, I would be putting forward SR argument.  Client could not afford to be represented on another occasion, so SR abandoned.  Client let down by Court.

20.08.20              Despite holding copy email from Legal Advisor saying case listed at 2pm in Court 1 Stratford, case not listed and LA refused to deal with entering of NG plea – said case in pile waiting for a date to be given for a date to be fixed for first hearing.  Client took time off work and paid for a barrister to attend today for no good reason – Client let down by Court

26.08.20              2nd listing for trial.  Checked with Court two days before hearing that trial would go ahead this time – confirmed in writing it would.  No Prosecution witnesses attended – reason – Court had written to Police to say no trials would be taking place in July or August so Police had written to witnesses and told them they should not attend.  Case put over until December.  Client let down by Court.

01.09.20              Case adjourned for PSR and sentence.  Court unable to sentence because no PSR – Probation had no knowledge of client – said Court had not informed them.  Client must pay for representation again – Client let down by the Court

04.09.20              Original Court date changed by the Court without consultation.  Adjournment sought for 2-3 weeks.  Umpteen urgent emails sent providing CPS consent to adjournment and medical evidence.  Adjournment granted at 4.53 pm the day before.  I lost money because had to turn down a booking.  Client and family caused unnecessary stress by failure to deal with emails until very last moment.  Client let down by the Court. 



September 2020