Written evidence from the Chartered Institute of Housing BPI0066

Adequacy of benefits 



Designing benefits policy 





Work incentives 



Accessibility and Administration 




May 2023

[1] (2022) House of Commons Briefing Paper CBP 9498: How Benefit Levels are Set

[2] Assumes basic rate taxpayer and pensions auto enrolment at five per cent.

[3] See JRF (2023) https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/keep-lifeline-why-government-should-keep-20-uplift-universal-credit

[4] See Nicholas Barr and Fiona Coulter 1990, The State of Welfare – Social Security: Solution or Problem?

[5] Ibid

[6] See CIH evidence to Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry on the Benefit Cap (2019), Twenty-Fourth Report of Session 2017-19.

[7] Social Security Administration Act 1992, s170

[8] Basic rate taxpayer – assumes five percent auto-enrolment 

[9] The reduction in the UC taper from 63 to 55 percent in December would produce £5.04 extra income for each £100 extra earned. 

[10] CIH (2023) analysis of the Rent Officer (Valuation Office Agency) List of Rents for 2023/24 (as yet unpublished).