Written evidence submitted by Mrs Sally Fowler


Despite GCSE and A Level CAGs awarded to students this year being deemed ‘fair’ by the government and Ofqual, what hasn’t been recognised is that many of these CAG’s were teacher assessed grades, which were further reduced by schools moderation through a process of ranking students and adjustments to fit previous years’ results of the school. Some schools also used FFT Education Data Lab to validate the school’s proposed CAGs before submission to the exam boards.

Mr Williamson often refers to students as having received their ‘teacher assessed grades’, which is not the case. It is clear that grades were highly moderated before submission to the exam boards. These grades were then subject to further moderation by Ofqual’s algorithm. Despite students receiving the higher grade, whether CAG or Exam Board moderated grade, this over moderation and lack of standardisation across the country has left many students bereft of the grades they deserved. At the opposite end of the spectrum GCSE foundation level students who could never have received a GCSE grade above a 5 in a real exam, have done so. How can this be justified at the expense of those so severely downgraded by nationally inconsistent and harsh moderation?

Nationally, there has not been a fair playing field for the awarding of GCSE or A Level grades, nor were there set rules for assessment of grades, just ‘guidance’ which can be misinterpreted. To add insult to injury, the government and Ofqual won’t recognise this and refuse to allow a fair appeals process.

The government and Ofqual needs to own this failure urgently and implement a fair and transparent appeals process as soon as possible.

The deadline for appeals is 17th September 2020. Please don’t let ignorance of this issue, letting these students down, be your legacy.


September 2020