Written evidence submitted by Lieutenant Commander RN (retired) Lester May (SFG0004)



Whitehall – always more bureaucracy and time-wasting than necessary!  Much the same when I worked in Main Building in the 1980s.


My comments about Huawei and 5G are simple.  As a One Nation Conservative and patriot, I want us to do as little business with wayward and criminal dictatorships as possible – and the two main nations that we must avoid working with are, of course, China and Russia.


The coronavirus pandemic should be a wake-up call.  No Huawei 5G even if it slows us down and costs us more.  I was quite angry that HMG was prepared to work with Huawei and thought that the Government had gone mad.  I don’t trust China.  You shouldn’t trust China.  This pandemic makes clear that China is not trustworthy.  Do not do business with China.  Wise up.


Start to invest in British industry and British workers and start it now.


6 April 2020