Written evidence submitted by ECA [BSB 257]


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Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to respond to this consultation on this fundamentally important draft Bill. ECA stands ready to assist Government, parliament, and enforcers with the successful implementation of those measures necessary to ensure electrical and fire safety in higher risk premises.


Electrotechnical Assessment Standards (EAS) 2020


The electrical industry has actively sought to improve competence standards across our industry in recent years, and we would like to refer you to new Electrotechnical Assessment Standards (EAS) 2020 as significant demonstration of industry progress.  We request that EAS 2020 is given full consideration when developing and considering any competence-related proposals associated with this draft Bill. More details of EAS are below and in Annex 1.


The new industry-wide EAS 2020 came into force on 1 September 2020, and it has been developed and supported by the entire electrotechnical industry.




Scope of the Draft Building Safety Bill












Competency and Part P of the Building Regulations








Duty on tenants / householders











Annex 1


More details on the new EAS 2020




September 2020

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