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Q. Impact of Development Finance and Impact from BII?


BII has been a very active and an anchor supporter in India/South Asia for climate and developmental impact initiatives.  GEF South Asia, as a PE fund supported by BII, has benefitted greatly in its collaboration and knowledge sharing with BII over the past five years. Some of the key areas of collaboration include the following:


-          Jointly working with BII on developing the TCFD framework alignment for climate growth-oriented investing in India.

-          Evaluating various climate frameworks such as the EU Taxonomy principles and the Joint Multilateral Development Bank (“MDB”) initiatives towards defining the green finance spectrum.

-          Develop metrics and approach for measuring and reporting on various development impact metrics including poverty alleviation and job creation in underserved regions.

-          Training workshops conducted by BII towards education and awareness regarding the Gender Based Violence & Harassment (“GBVH”) initiatives and other human rights issues.

-          Working towards implementing the 2X corroborative challenge related to finding tangible ways to increase gender diversity and empowerment in the investee companies (along lines of entrepreneurship, leadership, employment and consumption).


Q.              how effectively do we work investees once invested?


BII team employs a collaborative and a hands-on approach in working with fund managers and its investees by seeking to continuously monitor, verify and measure the impact metrics which are agreed at the outset.  Additionally, the BII team helps in building further capacity, within the fund team/investees, by conducting periodic workshops and training sessions.  GEF South Asia has been an active recipient of several such positive collaborations with BII in the Indian climate investing spectrum.