Written evidence submitted by Construction Leadership Council [BSB 185]


Information about the Group making the submission

In May 2020 the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) agreed, off the back of success with its Trade Credit Insurance Sub-Group activities, to set up a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) sub-group to identify the impact of PII as a barrier to the industry’s recovery from coronavirus and to suggest any government interventions that may be necessary.


A group was formed, consisting of representatives from the businesses and trade associations within the construction industry, insurers, insurance brokers and insurance trade associations, plus representatives from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)It became clear that coronavirus was less of an issue than the impact of cladding and the Group agreed the following wider terms of reference:


(i)                  To discuss and define the nature of the problems relating to the purchase of professional indemnity insurance by construction professionals;

(ii)                To explore options that might provide solutions to the problems identified;

(iii)              To provide a cohesive plan of action and to communicate this to all relevant parties; and

(iv)              To summarise and disseminate the findings of the Group to the relevant parties.

(v)                The Group shall seek to encourage attendance and participation from a sensible mix of construction professionals, insurance professionals and government/regulatory organisations.

(vi)              The Group shall report to the Construction Leadership Council.

(vii)            Until further notice the Group shall aim to meet monthly via video conferencing.

(viii)          A summary of discussions/action points from each meeting shall be circulated at least one week before the next meeting.


Representations from the Group

The Group has met three times and has concluded, thus far, as follows:









Copies of the minutes of the meetings are available on request.



September 2020