Many parts of India, are faced with some of the world’s most complex socio-economic problems, compounding widespread lack of access to high quality, affordable healthcare. The result of this is sub-optimal outcomes at the levels of individual and population health and of the overall health systems. The Indian healthcare system has significant shortage of healthcare infrastructure and capacity of healthcare practitioners. To meet the desired health outcomes - India needs to improve its bed capacity from 1.5 per 1000 (in 2015) to 5.1 per 1000, and capacity of healthcare practitioners from 3 Mn to 12 Mn which may lead to a total capital requirement of ~USD 256 Bn.


HealthQuad considers itself at the forefront of addressing these issues, capturing opportunities for new healthcare services and propelling healthcare innovation towards a safer and more sustainable future. HealthQuad invests in innovative health-tech models, which have the potential to substantially reduce the capital requirement for meeting the desired health outcomes by ~USD 90 Bn.

At HealthQuad, we are committed to investing in line with all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3- Good Health and Well-Being. HealthQuad seeks to execute its strategy by investing in companies that have the intention to create a positive social impact through its products and services. Our fund evaluates evidence of impact and alignment of impact with financial success from the pre-investment stage onwards by constructing an impact thesis for each investment which describes the positive social outcomes to be achieved during the lifecycle of the investment. As part of the process, impact metrics (aligned to HealthQuad’s four pillars of impact: Affordability, Accessibility, Quality and Awareness) are created for portfolio companies to report on apart from the financial metrics.


BII has invested c. USD 15 Mn in Fund II and regularly engages with the Fund to provide guidance on ESG topics, our impact strategy/ thesis, material business integrity risks to integrate in the diligence and ongoing monitoring and on financial / commercial aspects which are critical to be considered from a fund perspective. The fund has investments in companies focusing on areas such as diagnostic services, pharma and healthcare last mile access, mental health, emergency response systems, chronic disease management, crowd funding platforms to support health needs of lower economic strata population in India etc.

BII ESG Framework and ESG toolkits have been applied by HealthQuad for evaluating investments.

BII has ensured regular monitoring on ESG risks and topics with the main objective being that ESG factors are being managed as agreed at investment, and that we as Fund managers are following robust and pragmatic procedures throughout the investment cycle.