Medikabazaar (Boston Ivy Healthcare Solutions PL) – a BII Investment

  1.           Medikabazaar(MB) is India’s leading B2B Healthtech company revolutionizing the Healthcare Supply Chain. Started in 2015, it uses custom built SaaS offerings & Technology to help the Supply Chain, especially across rural India. It has 200,000+ Customers & fulfills 60,000+ Monthly Orders processing $600Mn+ GMV ARR
  2.           MB works on vision of “Improving the Quality of Healthcare in Rural India”:

-     Improve Accessibility of products & services to smallest facilities at remotest locations in India

-     Improve Availability of 1Mn+ SKUs across multiple categories

-     Improve Affordability by lowering cost through aggregation

-     Improve Awareness in Rural India

  1.           It’s optimizing the Supply Chain via a comprehensive Digital First offering:

-     E-Commerce Driven Medical Supplies of ~1Mn SKUs to 20,000+ pincodes

-     AI-ML Driven SaaS Solution (VIZI) & Managed Inventory Service(VPO) for Procurement

-     MBARC App for Equipment Lifecycle Management

-     Hybrid Business Model with Owned Inventory & Marketplace offering

-     15,000+ MSME Sellers on Platform

-     40+ Warehouses across India for reach & timely supplies

-     Dedicated Financing Platform for Customers & Sellers

  1.           MB’s Solution Driven approach has delivered its vision on multiple counts:
  1. Accessibility

-          More than 50% of MB’s Customers, Orders & GMV are from Tier 2,3,4 Towns

-          80%+ MB’s Customers are small/micro hospitals(<30/<10 beds),standalone clinics, CSR, etc. 

-          Tied up With Govt. of India(GOI) to deliver Healthcare to Rural India through 250,000+ Common Service Centres (delivery point of various e-services to Rural India)

  1. Availability

-          During Covid MB connected donors to medical facilities & NGOs struggling to get aid. MB collected money,delivered and installed O2 Concetrators & Supply Systems, Ventilators, BiPaPs, etc.

-          MB supplied 5000+ O2 Concentrators to GOI & Increased bed capacity at various Covid centres within record TAT

-          Introduced innovative products as Vaccicool(last mile cold chain delivery solution) & Purashield (for removal of virus & microbes from air)


  1. Affordability

-          50+ Hospitals avail VPO offering leading to demand consolidation & reduced pricing

-          MB chosen by World Bank & GOI to provide affordable supplies in remote areas of Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir

  1. Awareness

-          MB runs regular podcasts & Blogs on Youtube, Spotify, Google & its own platforms respectively having interviews & posts by experts about details on ailments, treatments & products


  1.           Environment, Health & Safety Goals are key priorities:

-     Increasing energy efficiency by adopting e-bikes(delivery) & LED Bulbs(lighting) as per IFC standards on resource efficiency

-     Adopted resuable packaging materials to lower environmental impact

-     Regular check ups, health camps & training for employees’ safety & well being

-     Certified as Great Place to Work (2022)

-     Business Integrity Goals & Suppliers Code of Conduct put in place


  1.           Between Jun’18-Nov’22 itself MB has seen tremendous growth:

-     65x: Monthly GMV

-     30X: Orders per month

-     17x: Monthly Transacting Customers

-     20x: Supplier Partners

  1.           As a testament to its impact, MB has been awarded multiple times:


-     Frost & Sullivan 2022 Indian B2B Healthcare eCommerce Entrepreneurial Company of the Year

-     The Economic Times Healthworld Award of Excellence in Healthcare Supply Chain & Logistics

-     FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2022

-     Financial Express – Best Hospital Technology Provider Award 2022

-     IHW Digital Solutions for Rural Healthcare Award