What current investments does BII hold?

Founded in 2018, MaxAB is a rapidly growing B2B inventory-led e-commerce and logistics distribution platform that serves a network of traditional retailers across the MENA region. MaxAB has an end-to-end proposition (e-commerce ordering app, fintech payments app, and inhouse logistics apps for its operations) providing informal retailers access to cheaper goods within 24 hours and replacing fragmented/unreliable supply chains – in doing so, MaxAB is re-engineering the informal retail market into a pull-driven model while also giving access to embedded finance and other value add products/solutions.

Value proposition to retailers: MaxAB offers traditional retailers the simplicity of dealing with one supplier, transparent pricing, on-demand delivery, and a range of value-added and embedded finance solutions.

Value proposition to suppliers: Suppliers benefit from MaxAB’s end-to-end supply chain solutions and business intelligence tools that allow them to accurately predict, monitor, and control the impact of their strategies in real time.

What due diligence does BII undertake prior to making investment decisions and how does this compare with best practice?

BII’s due diligence process into MaxAB was thorough and in line with best practices. BII, together with their external advisors, reviewed detailed financial information, business plans, MaxAB’s operating model and strategic goals. BII also conducted independent research, which included meetings with our company’s suppliers, visiting our company’s warehouses, market visits and meetings with key members of our management team. During the due diligence process, BII gained a deeper understanding of our company, market, industry, and competitive landscape.

How effectively does BII manage funds following its initial investment?

BII has been effective in working with our company post-investment to help MaxAB achieve its goals and maximize its potential. BII has provided valuable strategic guidance and resources and has been actively involved in monitoring the progress of our business, providing regular updates on their findings, and advising us on global best practices across all verticals.

They have set out an ESAP & Business integrity plan tailored for our company and are supporting all the company’s relevant stakeholders to achieving said action plan.

This ongoing collaboration helps ensure that we stay on track and continue to grow, which benefits both parties.

How does BII evaluate the impact of its investments?

BII evaluates impact within the company and ESG by analyzing and assessing our financial performance, progress on sustainable and responsible business practices, and impact on key stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the environment. Their focus on prioritizing sustainability and responsibility are with the aim to make the company more resilient and better positioned for long-term success. They also provide us with regular reports on their findings and suggestions for improvement, to continuously increase MaxAB’s impact and sustainability.