Written Evidence submitted by Lorna Anguilano and Uche Onwukwe (SH0017)

Executive Summary


This submission addresses the following question:

What does UK Government need to do to tackle other stressors on soil health such as soil contamination?


  1. What does UK Government need to do to tackle other stressors on soil health such as soil contamination?


1.1.1         The issue of soil contamination

1.1.2         Industrial use and soil contamination legacy


1.1.3         Urban soil contamination[7]





1.2   Soil decontamination solutions best practice



January 2023

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[7] Acknowledgement

The authors would like to acknowledge the following students who worked on the preparation of the data presented in these evidences as part of their individual projects

Dominic Holmes, Charlotte Willemart, Julien Jaume and Shaunak Desai

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