Key themes and issues….                  


dental services, this is 18% of our total

interactions for the year.


about in 2022, was access to GP



afford essential treatment.


child/ children have never seen a dentist.


paying for dental care.


London and Birmingham to see a dentist.


Key themes are problems with Access,

Cost and Equality.

















Lack of NHS dentistry on the Isle of Wight is compounded by the fact that we are surrounded by water. We do not have the luxury of travelling to a nearby city or county to access NHS dental care, without the additional cost and inconvenience of travelling by ferry which can be unreliable in poor weather and can add hours to traveling time.

Lack of NHS dental services has widened health inequalities, with people on lower incomes often getting no service, while those who can afford to go private can get treatment without delay.

We have been contacted by pregnant women, cancer patients, people with mental health conditions, autistic people and cancer patients, all of whom have been unable to access any NHS dental care. This has affected their mental health and wellbeing, caused financial hardship and has increased pressure on urgent care services such as NHS 111, A&E and GP services.



We have spoken to local dental providers who are aware of the issues and who are keen to help. They would like the following:



What are we hearing?










What else are we hearing?