Written evidence submitted by Thales



Thales is a global defence and technology business operating across the Defence, Digital Identity and Security, Aerospace and Space markets. Worldwide we employ over 80,000 people across 68 countries, with over 7,000 people in the UK, across all four nations.

The enduring aim of Thales is to exploit technology for the nation’s benefit. Our high-tech solutions, services and products help companies, organisations and governments to achieve their goals and ambitions.

In the Digital Identity and Security space, Thales brings trust and confidence to the connected world with expertise in physical and digital payment credentials and digital banking security. Over 3,000 financial institutions rely on Thales to protect their payment and banking services and $1 trillion interbank fund transfers per day are protected with our data encryption platforms.

Thales focuses on bringing high tech jobs that drive balanced, sustainable growth, and contribute to building inclusive economies, and delivering prosperity to people everywhere across the UK.

Thales and cyber





The extent and nature of the ransomware threat (including sources), modes of extortion, and how the threat could evolve in future;





Levels and sources of vulnerability of UK organisations to ransomware, including operators of critical national infrastructure;








The UK victim experience, including sources of support for prevention, detection and recovery, public-private partnerships, the role of the media, access to and availability of insurance cover, and regulatory requirements placed on ransomware victims;






Reforms that might enhance the UK’s resilience to ransomware, reduce the economic and societal damage that it causes, and/or support the law enforcement response;







16 December 2022