Written evidence submitted by Inclusion London (CVD0036)

Inclusion London Briefing: Disability Hate Crime


Inclusion London is a Deaf and Disabled people’s organization that works to promote equality and inclusion of Deaf and Disabled people.  We support over 70 DDPOs in London and through those organisations our reach extends to 70,000 Disabled people.

Inclusion London is the lead organization for the London DDPO Hate Crime Partnership, working with 20 DDPOs across London to influence key policy makers on the issue, as well as working together to provide training, specialist casework support for Hate Crime advocacy, secondments to develop Hate Crime support within DDPOs, peer support for people with Learning Difficulties and to develop resources including a DDPO Hate Crime Toolkit. During the Coronavirus period, Inclusion London has been running a weekly survey, sent out to DDPOs which have a hate crime advocacy service, to collect information and data on the incidence and types of hate crime disabled people have experienced during lockdown, and now, during the easing of lockdown.


Key Trends



Survey Results


Week 5 of our weekly survey is the latest information that we have collected which is available and has been analysed.




July 2020