Written evidence from Larbi EL-Moradi (COV0258)

I am writing to address the current COVID19 situation and the current impact it has on members of the public forced to stay at home with limited entertainment, exercise and social contact.

 This is a breach of our liberty and I understand this is so we can flatten the curve and protect the NHS but you must consider the plan following the end of  these three weeks, if you do not relax these measures or at least re assure the nation - the damage may have already been done regarding people’s perception of socialising and working towards the economy we have built.

 This can cause activists to deplete your policing budget with human right strikes., welfare budgets with spikes in low employment, NHS budgets with mental health Issues and suicide. You are currently incarcerating 100% of the population when there are 9k cases (26/03) and by Thursday probably 11,000 on the basis it is rising by 1000 a day (reference the who website) this is a small percentage who are affected when you consider 68 million people live in the UK. 

 So based on this calculation only 0.16% of the population are affected and you are still choosing to lock up 100%? If you want evidence simply go on to the world of health Organization website and see the numbers of cases and divide them from our population.

 I recommend you relax measures on or before the 13th of April for the healthy and fit to support the UK economy and drill down on cases based on counties and demographics as opposed to blanket isolation.

 To summarise you are breaching people’s human rights regarding religion , liberty and even how long they can visit the Park to enjoy the colour of the outdoors and the smell of the fresh air. You are doing lasting damage to the nation and nurturing a bad habit for 21 days which will take another 21 days to quit. Think now and create freedom for the healthy and fit before it’s too late.