Written evidence submitted by Us for Them


Robert Halfon MP

Chairman, Education Select Committee


6th September 2020


Dear Mr Halfon,


Re: Return to school – how different schools are implementing the new guidance

UsforThem leaders are due to meet with you on 16th September.  In the meantime, I promised to send information coming back from our members about the way different schools are interpreting the latest government guidance.  A variety of different concerns have been reported to us on the overzealous and at times draconian approach.  Having said that, we have had a number of reports from parents of both primary and secondary school children saying their schools have been absolutely brilliant, made the children really welcome and absolutely made any new ways of working as inobtrusive as possible – so we know it can be done.  I will summarise the different approaches:

Face masks in communal areas

Face masks in classrooms:

Face masks in public & outdoor areas:

Outdoors in all weathers:

Excessive use of hand sanitiser & cleaning products:

Poor practice for reception classes:

Concerns about track & trace:


ACTION requested

We would be very grateful if you could raise the following points most particularly through the work of the Education select committee



Many thanks for considering these points. Please let me know if you need further information before our meeting.


     Ros Maidment

Us for Them administrator & retired paediatrician


September 2020