Written evidence submitted anonymously (FLR0004)


As a licence holder myself, public safety is above all else first and foremost.

I am a deer stalker and pest controller.



Police Scotland do a fantastic yet difficult job (as usual) of licensing firearms and assessing individuals.

Mental health is assessed by a GP before licence issue these days and rightly so.

There has been cases of licences being revoked temporarily until individuals regain full health, which is a good practice,both physical and mental.

It would be unfair to deny a person their hobby or livelihood due to a curable problem.

However, police and GPs can only act on what licence holders disclose to them.


I think that licensing is at a point where it probably can't be any tighter ,but maybe yearly mental health assessments are a better way , rather than every 5 years.


I would rather see a 10 year licence with more regular health assessments to ease police licence burden.


September 2022