Written evidence submitted by Downlands Action Group (FS0006)


1. I support the Community Planning Alliance,  CPA, response 

2. Within food security is the need to feed the animals as part of the food supply chain in the UK.  Therefore the use of land should include not just crops, but straw for animal bedding and hay meadows for bales of hay, root crops etc 

3. With regards to hay meadows, there's been a 97% reduction , we need to ensure these are protected from avoidable harm or change where they provide ecologically important links to endangered UK BAP wildlife,  support improvement to be better managed and geared for nature recovery,  enhanced as hay meadow definitions as a UK BAP Priority Habitat, and less fertilisers if they affect watercourses, supported to protect hay and the environment . Where there are hay meadows of decades that these are mapped on MAGIC as important not just as a XYZ Grade of BMV land

4. Land use buffers for habitats supporting wildlife alongside food security 

5. Land Use, irreplaceable habitats ancient woodland need minimum 50m buffers and 100m preferable as demonstrated in the case studies of the Woodland Trust planners manual, requested by Lords amendment 100.  food security reviews to complement Local Nature Recovery Strategies,  National Nature Recovery,  and bear in mind UK BAP Priority Habitats  Habitats of Principal importance HPI in this dialogue .  Reference to the DEFRA May 2022 objectives and policies Woodlands Keepers of our Time updates. 

6. More protection for farming such as orchards producing fruit crops

7. The public able to more easily provide information to update the MAGIC mapping system a tool used by developers to baseline their desk based studies.   However,  the public are unable to ensure UK BAP Priority Habitats are recorded or updated on these maps when identified on the 'ground' - having tried for two years to get these maps updated with multiple unrecorded UK BAP habitats.   Land use part of the food security. 


With thanks 


Mrs Bernadette Reed

Representative of Downlands Action Group.   Member of CPA