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Written evidence submitted by Woodknowledge Wales

Sustainable timber and deforestation

The Environmental Audit Committee is launching a new inquiry into sustainable timber in the UK and the UK’s contribution to global deforestation. The inquiry will investigate:

  1. how the UK, which imports most of its timber, can best scale up a sustainable, resilient domestic timber sector and reduce its reliance on imports;
  2. the degree to which UK supply chains contribute to deforestation overseas and the effectiveness of the government’s efforts to curb this; and
  3. how the UK works with international partners to tackle deforestation.


Growing the UK timber industry





The effectiveness of UK efforts to reduce global deforestation

Will today’s laissez faire, low tax, low regulation UK Government really have the will or resources to tackle deforestation in modern Burma, never mind Amazonia and The Congo Basin?       




Working with international partners to tackle deforestation

September 2022