University of Wolverhampton – Written evidence (PSU0068)


Quality of academic careers at post-92 universities


Submitted by: Andrea Mondokova, Dr Subashini Suresh and Dr Suresh Renukappa, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Wolverhampton


Executive summary


Introduction and reasons for submitting evidence

The Government plans to increase the proportion of UK gross domestic product spent on research and development to 2.4% by 2027, and as such is looking to expand their STEM workforce within the industry and academia.


Whilst developing initiatives to attract new workers in the form of early career academics or mid-career professionals with a view to retrain and join STEM academia, the extant mid-career academic workforce is being overlooked and is at risk of abandoning their posts.


This advisory paper draws attention to a potential brain-drain of qualified and experienced STEM academics out of UK academia due to their dissatisfaction with the quality of academic careers caused by the disproportionate distribution of research funding and neo-liberal managerialism.


Written evidence









6 September 2022