Written evidence from Anonymous HAB0162




I have been in conversation with Dr. Ben Spencer MP about an assessment I had for PIP. As a result of my story he has requested that I submit a precis of my experience at that assessment. He has told me that the date for submissions has passed but he believes that the problem I encountered is so significant that you should be aware of it. 


I was invited for a PIP assessment at private offices in [redacted]. There were no disabled parking spaces at the site so visitors had to park off site in the adjacent roadway. There did not seem to be any 'tricks' used during the assessment but when I came to leave the assessor, an NHS nurse working part-time through an agency, accompanied me to the front door. In doing so she asked me where I'd parked. I pointed out my car. She responded by saying that I'd said, during the assessment, that I couldn't walk more than 20 metres. She insisted that where I'd parked the car was more than 20 metres from the front entrance of the office block and, as such, she would be recommending refusal of my application as I could obviously walk to it.


I pointed out that, as a retired police officer who regularly trained with firearms at 20 metres, the car was not more than 20 metres away. We argued on the office doorstep. In the end I insisted she get a measure and accurately measure from the office front door to my car. Reluctantly, and after some delay, she did so. The distance was 15.7 metres. She apologised and admitted that they watched applicants arriving and leaving, via CCTV, and if they parked in the road and walked to/from the office but said they couldn't walk over 20 metres they automatically refused their application. They had been doing that since the assessment centre was set up at that location.


As a PS: I did get my PIP at the higher level but, if I'd just accepted her remarks about distance I would have been refused.

I wonder how many genuine applicants had been declined their PIP based on the 'trick' using CCTV and incorrect measurements?



August 2022