Written evidence from Anonymous HAB0161





I read with interest an article on your presenting the tricks these assesors use


True this was for my husband over 20 years ago when we lived in [redacted] but the staff at the centre were watching people to see how they walked up to the centre and how they dealt with the steps, yes steps though only 3 or 4 that was the situation they put disabled people in


Whilst in the assessment I noticed there was a cup of water nearer to our side of the desk. Whilst the person was asking Steve questions he leaned across the desk and accidentally knocked the water all over him. I think it was to see if Steve leapt up to avoid it. Alas he just got very wet as it didn't dawn on me that they would do such a thing


We moved to [redacted] in October 2000 and Steve's tribunal for DLA was as [redacted] Court. We arrived after struggling to get Steve into the front of the building at all. 


The security guys then announced that it was on the top floor and the lift was broken.  I explained there was no way on earth he would get up there and they said if he couldn't do the stairs there wouldn't be one. So I reluctantly explained to Steve we would have to return home and come another day...... lo and behold a miracle occurred and suddenly the lift worked. Despite no site or sound of a lift engineer. 


This is an age old problem.  I do completely understand that people lie and defraud the system however in my experience the mouthy people never get these problems thrown at them, yet the quiet people like ourselves get somewhat abused.


Thought you would like our experience though be it a long time ago




August 2022