Written evidence (FAM0003) 




UK family migration policy – An attack on our family.


Since falling foul of three incorrect UK visa rejections some years ago, my family and I have struggled to remain together and maintain any kind of ‘normal’ relationships. Over the course of our 8 year marriage, xxx and I have been separated for over 4 of those years due to these policies.


The toll it has taken on my immediate and wider family is incalculable; acute emotional distress (ongoing), effects on mental health (ongoing), crippling financial costs (ongoing).


I have missed both of my youngest sons birthdays. The last time I was with him was when he was 2 months old at the beginning of the lockdown. He is now 2 and a half.


My eldest son suffers such distress at our prolonged separation that he has become severely depressed at the age of 10.


My wife battles through, working in full time employment and raising our two boys while I work in the UK raising the lions share of our living costs.


My mother has never met either of her two grandsons. She is 73 years old.


My grandmother never met my wife nor my sons. She is now dead.


I urge you all, please think of the costs of these policies to family life as we all hope it to be; safe, secure, happy, together.


Family life should be sacrosanct. Please protect it.


Fight racist anti-family policies.


Abolish the minimum income requirement.

Reduce application costs.

Reduce application time.

Reunite our families.



2 August 2022