Mr S Holub-Swindell                            DEF0001


Written evidence submitted by Mr S Holub-Swindell

I am new to the forestry industry, having graduated from an MSc in Environmental and Forest Management in 2020, I have now been working as a forest manager for 18 months, specialising in forest planning and woodland creation in Scotland.

I would like to address points regarding Growing the UK timber industry.

In summary, despite the complexity of the issues described, the solution begins and ends with increased funding for Scottish Forestry. Foresters are responsible people and are trying to do what is environmentally and economically best, because of course we want our industry to flourish. But the hinderances come from the red tape slowing down the already slow process of growing trees. We can see that SF conservancies are understaffed and under qualified. Understaffed meaning the length of time it takes to get paperwork and grants through because of the volume that they are receiving is significantly longer than it should be, and under qualified meaning woodland officers are not prepared to make decisions and need to run it up the hierarchy, causing further delays. Pay officers better so they keep their skills in the public sector rather than leaving for the private, hire more woodland officers, and give them more training.

July 2022