Written evidence submitted by Christina Petterson


Smart Technology is Detrimental to Health, the Environment and Privacy

I have read many cases and have friends whose health has been negatively impacted due to the presence of smart technology in their homes – particularly smart meters. I was horrified to find my mother has had one installed which makes me want to restrict the length of my visits. Smart technology increases the level of electromagnetic pollution which has been shown to be xenotoxic, cytotoxic and neurotoxic even at levels well below the industry safety levels. ICNIRP do not adequately consider the non-thermal effects of EMFs and set their levels way too high. There have been numerous peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the harm from non-ionising radiation.

I have heard several reports of smart meters increasing the costs for consumers rather than saving them money which was the rational for installing them. The environment is being negatively impacted by the proliferation of smart tech which is damaging to life e.g bird life and inspects including pollinators. The energy consumption from Information Tech is predicted to be approximately 20% of the global total within a few years, rare minerals needed for the devices will become depleted and planned obsolescence will create a problem re landfill sites.

Smart devices are a threat to privacy and security, lead us further from our humanity and down the road towards transhumanism and the internet of bodies which is planned to evolve from the internet of things. The effect on children and young people as they become more enmeshed and addicted to their devices is awful to contemplate. The opportunities for data-harvesting and invasion of privacy via smart tech are plentiful – more Big Brother and unwanted control.

We need to prioritise our health and the environment and cut down on unnecessary and harmful tech.

Christina Petterson 22.6.22