Follow up Written Evidence Submitted by

Mark Sowdon, Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS), Government Statistician and Chief Executive, New Zealand Stats



Percentage of New Zealanders, and Māori, that opt to share their data for commercial research

The Committee was specifically interested to know how New Zealanders’ consent is obtained if their health data is going to be shared with commercial entities, and – if there is an option for them not to share health data with commercial entities  what proportion of New Zealanders generally, and of Māori, choose not to share their data (Q188-9, Q193, and Q195-6 refer).

We are still in the process of following up this request with New Zealand’s Ministry of Health and will be in touch when more information is available.


Guidance on algorithms and decision-making – the Algorithm Charter Aotearoa

The Committee was interested in the role of AI in analysing data in New Zealand, and in guidance New Zealand has produced on AI – specifically the guidance on algorithms and decision-making set out in the Algorithm Charter Aotearoa (Q208 and Q209 refer).



Data available during the pandemic – New Zealand’s COVID-19 data portal

The Committee was interested in how widely data was made available, and in what format, during the COVID-19 pandemic and was interested in New Zealand’s COVID-19 data portal (Q198 and Q199 refer).


(May 2022)