Written evidence submitted by a Student


I am 18 years old and feel as though the government and Ofqual does not care about my education, career or future. I was unable to sit my A-levels this year and have instead been given grades that are not reflective of my ability. I had AAA on my UCAS application and was given ABC by my school. I’ve always worked hard for everything I’ve achieved, getting 7/8/9s at GCSE, but for my A-levels, I have just been told these are the grades I would have got, when they take into account very little of my academic ability and weren’t grades based on my own merit. I have been unable to prove otherwise in time for the start of university and have missed out on a place on a course next year by ONE grade. The lockdown, closure of school and cancellation of A-levels was already a huge cause of stress and confusion, and now the A-levels fiasco has made everything much worse. I am having to put the next stage of my education on hold for a year and will need to “resit” my exams, even though I’ve never sat them, meaning I am at a disadvantage in applying for certain institutions, such as OxfordMy school has provided very little support over lockdown for Year 13 students, both academic and pastoral, and as a result, I feel very disadvantaged when it comes to these exams. Furthermore, I have recently found out one of my exams, Music, which is 60% practical and 40% exam, will only be using the “exam” section to calculate the grade. This means if I am to sit this exam, none of the practical work I spent nearly two years working on to achieve the highest marks possible, will be taken into account. The idea that “Ofqual has developed the fairest possible grading model” is complete nonsense. Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson have done the opposite of doing “everything [they] can to make sure young people are not being disadvantagedand are responsible for stopping thousands of young people progress to the next stage of their education or employment. Considering they had well over 3 months to create a fair system, it is disgusting they were ever allowed to overlook young people’s education and should be held completely accountable.


September 2020