Written evidence from Jayne Gale HAB0147


I was a PIP assessor in 2017. I was a good learning disabilities nurse for 20 years but got made redundant under council austerity cuts. This was the only job that I could do part time around my children. As a single mum it was ideal.

However within weeks of the post it became clear to me working at Medacs wasn't a place for compassion. Either as a provider or an employer. In fact the trainer told us to 'leave your emotions at the door'. I was an exceptional student passing the exams straight away. It didn't matter because the workload was impossible. The task at hand was impossible. I was to assess 5 individuals in a day. Any more and we got a monetry bonus. Staff told me to copy and paste answers. It was hard not to. I was warned my assessments took too long and when I did submit them they would be returned for rewriting. Individuals were waiting in discomfort for over an hour at times. In horrible uncomfortable office waiting rooms. Rewrites top of the 5 assessmrnts in the day added to the pressure and mistakes. Who has memory that good? Actions by non clinical staff that had not met the individuals in person. Sometimes their judgement was wrong. I knew that and eventually walked off the job. It was heartless and unethical. You must recognise even with all my experience with disabilities I was not qualified for this role. It was wrong. I contacted the NMC and RCN. Nothing was done. GP'S need to be involved. Profit out of people is immoral. I now have Multiple Myloma; Cancer, knowing the PIP process I would sooner suffer and die than ask for PIP benefits.


May 2022