Supplementary written evidence submitted by NHS Professionals (RTR0151)





Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP

Health and Social Care Committee House of Commons

London SW1A 0AA






Dear Jeremy,


Thank you for request, the data we manage on behalf of the NHS provides a unique perspective of flexible worker usage. We typically collect data from the point where roster shifts cannot be filled by the substantive workforce and have limited sight of substantive workforce statistics. Therefore, rather than duplicate substantive data which will come directly from your request to Amanda Pritchard, we have elected to focus our response to your request on our own data.


NHSP manage the staff banks of 51 Trusts in England. Including the 10 Ambulance Trusts this means we have a market share of 23.2%. The data included here also reflects demand for on-going pandemic- related activities on the specified date.


Although we do offer temporary staffing services for Doctors, our footprint in this market is considerably smaller than it is for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health professionals. As a result, the data below focuses on Nursing and Midwifery Only.



Staff Undertaking Bank Shifts

Our data for 20th May 2021 reveals the following:


Total Flexible Worker Hours Requested


Total Hours: Filled


Total Hours Unfilled


Total Hours Filled: Bank Staff


Total Hours Filled: Agency Staff


Total Hours Filled (due to a staffing vacancy)


Total Hours Filled (due to Long-Term Sickness)


Total # of Workers Deployed


Total # of Agency Workers Deployed


Total # of Bank Workers Deployed



We have included data for hours filled as well as people as this also provides some interesting insights. It tells us:


With respect to temporary staff deployed on that date:


Please do let me know if you need any further clarification on the above




Yours sincerely,

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Nicola McQueen CEO

NHS Professionals


May 2022