Written evidence from P M Dolan HAB0141


I’m in a position that I claim both ESA LIMITED CAPACITY & PIP.


I had the pip assessment over the phone which was far less nerve racking than by prions esa one.

At that I was cross examined as I was in hospital with my heart condition so was unable to attend .

DWP would not accept a fax confirmation from my cardiologist .

Bern on a heart ward with a monitor fitted is not an excuse to ignore assessment but I was treated with that sustain.


I fail to understand when a medical consultant provides detailed letters for assessment that you don’t openly accept them. After all the DrS are treating us and know our strength & limitations for own health condition .


It’s total nonsense especially when it’s usually a hospital consultant taken the time out to provide you with our full health issues.


For me I feel the whole process should be actioned with your medical team and only involve the claimant if they have over not related suggestions.


Also combined both PIP & ESA assessments would cut back on red tape as well leading info. Get it from the professionals who are the specialist in that field.


For others who do not have a full medical team in gand I can see where more questions is needed there.


It’s traumatic as the patient is always thinking they will make us return to work, when really no business owner would happily employ someone with a detailed complex health vonnftions…


It all boils dow to comfort sense first


May 2022