Written evidence from Mrs Laura Ellis


I am submitting this evidence in regard to my son Theo Ellis’ death.


He was classed as stillborn by Frimley Park Hospital on the 7th April 2019. 

We have dealt with Surrey Coroner office as we wanted to challenge the stillbirth classification of my son and provided evidence that he had been born alive.


I found the Surrey Coroner serviccompletely unsatisfactory.


I first contacted the Coroner's office on the 25th January 2020. I sent them an email outlining why I believed the stillbirth classification was incorrect.

I do not believe the query was dealt with in an appropriate time frame and investigated properly.


I do not believe that my son's case was actually properly investigated by the Coroner as I was not venreasons for their conclusion.


It also took until April 7th 2020 for them to finally give me an answer, replying on what would have been my son's’ first birthday which I found completely insensitive. Within that time I sent circa 20 emails chasing for an answer.


I think it is really important that coroners have the ability to investigate stillbirths as in our sons case it was only due to the hospitals negligence that our son died. The hospital then decided that our son was still born and therefore his death was not investigated. This seems completely wrong.


September 2020