Written evidence submitted anonymously (AFG0056)


Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry on Afghanistan

April 2022 update

We welcome the UK Government’s leadership in co-hosting the UN pledging summit for Afghanistan on 31st March and its commitment of £286 million in additional funding. However, overall, the summit raised only half of the $4.4billion that the UN needs to fund its Humanitarian Response Plan and save Afghan children's lives - leaving a $2 billion gap in the humanitarian response.

The summit also failed to deliver a clear plan for how donor governments will maintain and increase their support for Afghanistan in the long-term, including through preventing ongoing economic collapse and protecting the country’s education system.

The impact of the war in Ukraine on global commodity prices is now threatening to exacerbate the hunger crisis gripping Afghanistan and elsewhere. It’s therefore vital the UK redoubles its efforts to address the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the country and ensure basic services are restored.

Priority calls to the UK Government


1)      Take urgent steps to prevent the total collapse of the Afghan economy. Specifically, as one of the biggest donors of the World Bank and the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, the UK Government should lead fellow shareholders in efforts to expediently release humanitarian funds, but also to ensure the ARTF is replenished and able to support the provision of basic needs.



2)    Prioritise girls’ education and protect the education system from collapse, including by:







April 2022