Written Evidence Submitted by Magdrive



Space capabilities such as clearing space debris and orbital manufacturing are well demonstrated as “in-space missions” developed by the Satellite Applications Catapult, DSTL and the UKSA. However, these technological capabilities used in the missions must also demonstrate that they can scale for mass production and commercial deployment. It is crucial therefore that the mission activity proceeds alongside developing underlying capabilities such as improved propulsion, space situational awareness, and solar power delivery within LEO. These capabilities are often developed by start-ups and SMEs in the industry. In order to properly demonstrate a new and scalable capability, either there must be more funding available for the in-space missions, so that smaller start-ups and SMEs can significantly accelerate their development by being part of the missions, or, funding should be made directly available to these start-ups and SMEs so that the mature developed technology and capability can be deployed in the in-space missions.


(May 2022)