Written evidence from J Longstaff (HAB0132)


I have in the past undergone 3 health assessments for the DWP, 2 of these were in regards to my application for PIP, 1 was in regards for my switch to Universal Credit.

I found all 3 assessments, through 2 different providers in Edinburgh, highly intimidating, stressful and all caused a weeks worth of recovery afterwards.

I found the assessors condescending in their approach to asking questions and carrying out the physical element of the assessments.

I found the written report for both PIP assessments to be riddled with lies.  The second of these applications I took to appeal where I was denied any need. 

According to the assessors and appeal panel, my conditions did not warrant me disabled – I had at the time: anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, bone pain, IBS, epilepsy and recovery from brain surgery.

Yet a month after my failed appeal, in a different agency, my Universal Credit assessor found me able to claim the Limited Work Capabilities.

Everyone who has a disability knows that the DWP does not want to pay people who are unable to work, so the assessments are set against us from the moment we walk in the door.

When my Drs said to get the bus or walk as it’s best for my long term health, this was held against me as I was seen to slowly walk in/out of the building, on one occasion with the assistance of a stick.

Having a long term disability that is dismissed by the Government adds more anxiety and depression onto the already strenuous health dilemma I have to live with every single day – because I’ve had to buy my own items to aid my disabilities I’ve been on the brink of poverty for the last 10yrs without any government assistance.


May 2022