Written evidence submitted by Network Rail

What technological innovations are you adopting to understand the vulnerabilities in your systems, and their interdependencies with other systems?




internal and external cracks in rails as well as the track’s geometry. Across 9000 miles of track, pixel-width images are recorded at up to 70,000 times a second across seven cameras. The machine processing of these images enables defect reports to then be shared with section managers. We aim to expand this monitoring to a further 5000 miles of track.




Technology, rainfall and drainage risks




including surface ‘tilt meter’ technology to warn of sudden earthwork movement. We have also recently completed work involving using machine learning to enhance our risk assessments of our earthworks, improving targeting of our interventions. Data recording points have now been installed at more than 200 locations.



Forecasting technology







What percentage of a customer ticket is currently spent on resilience and how is that likely to change in future?


companies and the amount that we invest into the resilience of the railways’ infrastructure.






How many drains have been installed by outside contractors?







19 April 2022